What’s The Blueprint Of Creation?

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From the beginning, God desired for the earth to be full of people who worshipped him, who came to him in the right way. The Garden of Eden and the temple are both examples of God creating a way to approach him. It reminds us that God has not forsaken his plan.

From creation to new creation, God provided a means by which he could be approached. When Jesus died, the temple was torn in two and now he is the final sacrifice and the way to God. Jesus will be worshipped by all nations and when we seek to live our lives to reach the nations with the Gospel, we are finding ourselves in God’s trajectory—we are his people who reach out to the nations through his church.

The Overall Helps With The Details

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We know the pitfalls of reading into a passage what’s not there. At the same time, we need to know the whole story, so that we can see what is being built upon by successive Biblical writers. After all, the Biblical books after Genesis are written in light of what was written already.

In this video, Scot shows how understanding the metanarrative of Scripture impacts interpretation of details, not adding new meaning, but showing the significance of what is already there.

Lessons From The Field – Episode 3

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In this last of 3 introductory episodes we sit down with Paul Mac who along with his wife Linda worked among the Ata people in Papua New Guinea (See the Ata Story). We ask the question:

In the process of church planting, how do you go about building a ministry team that will replicate and disciple others to see that the work is passed on?

Themes That Tie

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The Holy Spirit inspired Biblical authors to develop themes throughout the Bible that tie the whole of Scripture together, across books, geography and time.

In this video, Scot introduces one such theme: the Creation Mandate. God told Adam and Eve to fill the earth with people who would worship Him. Instead, they end up rebelling. God’s plan is not thwarted though. He plans to fill the earth with people who know him and have a relationship with him. And so He raises up someone, the Lord Jesus, to restore creation to what it is supposed to be, tying Scripture together.

One cohesive story?

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Should we see the Bible as one grand narrative? Or is that superimposing our agenda on it?

We know that the individual books of the Bible combined represent a cohesive story. In this video, Scot demonstrates how understanding the whole story impacts the way we interpret the details.