Save The Date – Connect Workshop – 27 June

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With all that has changed in the last couple of months, and all that will likely change in the upcoming months, it makes it hard to plan anything, especially an event where we can all be together. With that in mind, we are still planning our Saturday 27 June Workshop at our CrossView office and a fellowship dinner on Friday 26 June. While we pray we won’t have to, our planning will allow us to fall back to a virtual online meeting where we can still learn together. ... read more

Equipped to Communicate is our workshop theme. As we briefly introduced some of what it means to be Equipped to Communicate during our March workshop, many of us were keen to know more. My prayer is that after our time together in June, you will feel confident that you will be able to progressively move forward with your goal of being able to communicate Truth in any cross-cultural context God places you in.

I wanted to post this “Save The Date” much earlier, but I have only recently felt confident that we can proceed with a workshop where we can all be together but still have the option to meet online, if we we’re under restrictions, and that a virtual workshop would still be valuable for all of us. One really great thing to come out of this time of isolation and lockdown is that L&D from Central Asia will be able to join us once again to help facilitate some group discussion and activities. They have been living this experience of Becoming Equipped to Communicate for over two years, so it’s great to have them with us again. We will also have Mike Griffis, co-author of Becoming Equipped to Communicate, join us via video link live from Mexico.

So, please pull out your diaries, phones, calendars, or planners and “Save The Date” for Friday 26th and Saturday 27 June.

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Discipline in an Age of Chaos.

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In this COVID19 period of home lockdowns, working remotely, Zoom meetings and trying to keep on top of everything, when everything has changed, it’s easy to lose sight of your goals. What to focus on when life is complex is a challenge, but an important skill for cross-cultural Gospel Workers and Church Planters. Paul Mac reminds us to stay focused on the big picture and long-term goals.

Switching The Story

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Have you ever been accused of being an exclusivist? God claims that His story is the one true narrative which stands in authority over all rival narratives. It conflicts with the naturalistic western world and all other narratives, such as pantheism and post modernism. The stories we have been told impact the way we view all of life, reality, what it means to be human, what happens when we die, morality, etc.

In this video, Scot Keen explains that becoming a believer demands a switch in narrative. We need to bring our worldview into tension with God’s word and choose which to believe.

Lessons From The Field – Episode 2

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In this second of 3 introductory episodes we interview Paul, who along with his wife Linda, worked among the Ata people in Papua New Guinea (See the Ata Story at We ask the question:

In ministry, particularly in church planting, how important is it to have a long-term view? What are some things we should be picturing?

The One Thing!

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Caleb Greggson, a Gospel Worker in Central Asia, shares the one thing he would tell a University graduate wanting to work cross-culturally overseas. It’s something we value highly at Connect.

How narrative can challenge and change us.

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Narrative can significantly challenge and change us, even above that of other literary types. During our last “Connect on Monday” we listened to Scot Keen explain how narrative can be disarming. It can help us hear things that we otherwise would not be willing to hear. It influences our values and invites participation, drawing us into the story. When we become part of the plot, we are forced to reflect and our beliefs are challenged.

Why does Connect start with Genesis to Christ?

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Simply put, stories are a very effective way to communicate anywhere in the world, in any culture. The stories help us derive meaning and purpose from life. The story of God from Creation to New Creation challenges every worldview. It involves us in the action of the story, showing us our place in it. It shows us where God is taking history, and because of that, we are compelled to join Him in His work.

Check out this free AccessTruth series on the Metanarrative of Scripture, Bible teacher and professor Scot Keen demonstrates how God progressively reveals Himself through the narrative, and the importance of wrapping our minds around the Biblical story before challenging others with it.

Lessons From The Field – Episode 1

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Lessons from the Field is an AccessTruth produced podcast where we ask field-experienced leaders and teachers the tough questions about cross-cultural ministry. In this first of 3 introductory episodes we interview Paul, who along with his wife Linda, worked among the Ata people in Papua New Guinea (See the Ata Story at We ask the question:

What is the neediest area that we can contribute resources to in seeing unreached people groups reached with the Gospel?