The Program

The Cross-Cultural Essentials curriculum is designed to help equip believers to be effective in providing people access to God’s Truth through evangelism and discipleship. The 10 modules can be used in all areas of discipleship, including one-on-one teaching and bible studies, all the way to cross-cultural missionary training and church planting. Each module contains tutorials that are presented in PDF and MP3 format and video. They are also available as textbooks. Many experienced church planters, Bible translators, pastors and authors have contributed to the creation of this training tool kit.

Text Books

Online Access

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Activities & Questions

Tutorials include questions and activities which encourage participants to put into practice what they’re learning.

Multiple Formats

Delivered online in PDF, Audio, Video and for some modules they are also available as physical books.

Taught by experienced
cross-cultural workers

We value contributions based on current, relevant experience and have been blessed with a wealth of it to draw on. Our staff are experienced, but we also rely heavily on adjunct contributors to teach in their areas of expertise. Those teaching in each curriculum area are currently working or consulting in that area of expertise.

Valuing careful church planting
and discipleship principles

Our driving focus is to equip believers to be a part of reaching the neediest people groups with the clear message of the gospel. We would love to see mature churches functioning in many more of these groups. In that light, we seek to carefully present principles that build toward long term church planting and discipleship objectives.

Church planting and
translation objectives

The curriculum equips people to understand the principles and practice of areas such as culture and language learning, relationship building, literacy work, Bible translation, Bible teaching, discipleship and church health and growth. These principles that are foundational in carefully preparing, and then sharing the Truth also apply to own, increasing multi-cultural communities, as people seek to build meaningful relationships with neighbours and friends from other backgrounds.

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