Day 2: L = Life

By August 22, 2020December 6th, 2020Church Planting, Discipleship, Evangelism, Missions

Life will be one of our W.I.L.D categories, or lenses, we’ll look through during our upcoming Webinar and Workshop. But what do we mean by Life? We can start by thinking about what living things have in common. They grow, reproduce, and pass their DNA or characteristics on to their offspring and they take in energy (like plants take in energy from the Sun and people eat food for energy).... read more

These are ways of talking about Life, but don’t properly tell us what it is that we see around us and feel within ourselves. It doesn’t properly describe what Life really is. They don’t explain how the Creator, God, gives Life…the kind of Life God has given us as His children.

So, our understanding of Life really begins and ends with God. Speaking to the men in Athens, Paul said that “God himself gives life and breath to everything” (Acts 17:25b) and that “in him we live and move and exist.” (Acts 17:28a).

In the Genesis record of God’s creation, we see a picture there of life bursting out everywhere, from plants and different and amazing kinds of animals. All of this came about by the power of God’s act of communication, His Word. What had been “formless and empty” now had order and was full of life.

Any discussion about Life in the context of Church Planting and Discipleship wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t ask the questions, “Why are we alive? Why do we exist?”. God has made it very clear to us through His Word why we’re here. He has a specific purpose for us, just as He did for the nation of Israel, just as He did for the early believers in Jerusalem, and churches elsewhere. We’re here as a continuation of what Jesus started and then passed on to The Apostles.”

Along with the other W.I.L.D. lenses, we’ll further discuss Life at our upcoming workshop on 10 October.