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Why does Connect start with Genesis to Christ?

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Simply put, stories are a very effective way to communicate anywhere in the world, in any culture. The stories help us derive meaning and purpose from life. The story of God from Creation to New Creation challenges every worldview. It involves us in the action of the story, showing us our place in it. It shows us where God is taking history, and because of that, we are compelled to join Him in His work.

Check out this free AccessTruth series on the Metanarrative of Scripture, Bible teacher and professor Scot Keen demonstrates how God progressively reveals Himself through the narrative, and the importance of wrapping our minds around the Biblical story before challenging others with it.

Lessons From The Field – Episode 1

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Lessons from the Field is an AccessTruth produced podcast where we ask field-experienced leaders and teachers the tough questions about cross-cultural ministry. In this first of 3 introductory episodes we interview Paul, who along with his wife Linda, worked among the Ata people in Papua New Guinea (See the Ata Story at We ask the question:

What is the neediest area that we can contribute resources to in seeing unreached people groups reached with the Gospel?

Connect on Monday

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Hi Friends,

Let’s hangout again this Monday night, 8pm (AEST). This week, come with a question. Watch for details of how to send your question through.

Zoom link to follow before we start on Monday night.

Welcome to our update page

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Hi Friends,

This will be the place to keep updated with everything going on at Connect. In addition to information about your Connect learning, here is where you’ll also find information about upcoming workshops, special events, articles and videos.

In the future we’ll post and link to this page to help everyone stay informed and up to date.

Stay well and keep trusting in Jesus,