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January 2021

World Watch List 2021

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Open Doors has been releasing it’s World Watch List since 1992, informing the Church what we should know about the countries with the highest levels of persecution, and how we can pray for the believers in those nations. Check it out, but more importantly, consider praying for a country on the list.

What’s Your Ecclesiology?

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Because we might be talking with someone about Church Planting doesn’t necessarily mean we are talking about the same thing. The methodology, end goal and the understanding of what is, or isn’t, taking place may all be very different. What’s important is to establish a biblical ecclesiology, a biblical understanding of what we are talking about when we talk about the big “C” Church and little “c” church.

The way we talk about Church Planting at Connect is by using the W.I.L.D. framework. In Modules 7 & 9, there are over 40 tutorials that help us establish a biblical ecclesiology in a way that practically helps us work with the Master Builder to disciple people individually and corporately to establish healthy churches.

Whether you have completed Modules 7 & 9 or attended some of our recent workshops where we have discussed the W.I.L.D. framework, I think you’ll find this article by Mack Stiles, a church planter in Iraq, helpful as he highlights our need for a biblical understanding of what we mean by church planting.