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November 2020

Chase Value

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When I was making a career decision a few years ago I needed to make a choice which had monetary implications. When I asked a friend for advice, he said to me, “Brad, don’t worry about the money, always chase value”.

Sometimes we look at what we’re giving up instead of what will be replaced by what we’ve given up. We’ll never know what God will replace those things with until we are willing to give up the things we hold onto. So, chase value. Where is the real value found? It’s in what God replaces those other things with. But you’ll never know if you don’t give up the things that might stop you seeking first His Kingdom.

In this article, Tim Chester, writes about Jim Elliot and his co-workers who chased real value.

Enjoy His Grace & Extend His Glory

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If you were at our Spring Connect Workshop, you’ll remember we traced God’s heart for the Nations and how, while we must Enjoy His Grace, if it stops there it is incomplete. Together with Enjoying His Grace we must always seek to Extend His Glory. As his Image-Bearers, that is what we are made for.

I enjoyed reading how John Piper expressed this same idea. I think you will to.

Language Is The Key

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Real opportunities exist among the First Australians who want to learn and be taught in their heart language. Richard Trudgen, CEO of Why Warriors, and an interviewee on W.I.L.D. Australia, explains how the original Australian languages are what Indigenous groups – like Yolngu people – speak, think and learn in.