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July 2020

The end or have we come full circle?

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If I was to say to you that it is likely we are approaching the end of Christendom, what feelings does that evoke? Such a proposition may seem usettling at first, but the Church flourished before Christendom and will continue to flourish post Christendom, if it’s end should come.

Are you flexible for the Gospel?

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In this article, D.A. Carson encourages us to become global in our awareness and compassion. Cultural sensitivity and flexibility must become tools to enable us to address the challenges of cross-cultural evangelism wisely and courageously, rather than ends in themselves.

Save The Date

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Here are some important dates to put in your diary over the next few months. 29th August & 9-10th October 2020.

Stay tuned for more information over the coming weeks and months.

Lessons From The Field – Episode 4.

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In episode 4 of Lessons from the Field we talk with Todd Gerst, a church planter and Bible translator who worked among an unreached people group in Papua New Guinea. Listen as we discuss what Todd thinks is the single biggest factor in effective church planting in a least-reached people group.