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June 2020

Communicating God’s Story to truckers in West Africa

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It all started with a very simple approach. Truck drivers come to the ports for work, but sometimes, they have to wait days or even weeks for loads. Because of that, the ports really function like small cities. The drivers eat there and congregate together to pass the time. Read how some Gospel Workers and some national believers began going to the port in their city and just asking the drivers if they had time to hear a story.

Preserving Endangered Aboriginal Languages

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Richard Trudgen was born in Orange NSW and trained as a fitter and turner. He moved to Arnhem Land in the NT in 1973 and became a community worker, learning to speak Djambarrpuyŋu. He’s now been working with Yolŋu people for over 40 years. Richard shares some important insights into the value of learning a minority language.

The World is Not my Parish

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At Connect we value the local church. While we value discipleship, and practice it, we believe it is as part of a local church that ministry is best learned and developed. So, while being equipped to “go to the ends of the earth” or “to the world next door”, give yourself to your local church, belong to it, help build it and pray for it. Read more in the article from Matt Sheffer.